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Height: 6' In heels and hair height 6'6"   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Blond

Wendy Sittchinski ("Sitti")

Hi, how are you?

I was born in Warsaw, Poland.  The apple of my parents eye! I was raised on a farm and later went to work in my dads sausage factory.  That is where I met Stanley in high school and where we went to prom.   He was nice but I knew I needed something bigger, it must of been from being around all of that sausage.  I wanted to go to America.  

After saving enough money, I flew to Chicago and realized I had no place to stay.   I called my cousin Rich and moved in with him.

I know America is the land of opportunity and I was excited to make it big.  I dyed my hair black to fit in and have a different look.   But then some woman, Mrs. Richfield told me I was moving in on her scene.   I went back to my natural color and started doing all kinds of odd jobs.  Cleaning rooms at a hotel on Halsted called Steamworks, to cleaning the rooms at the Elysium Hotel in Mykonos.   I kind of became a big thing and I'm not talking about my boobs.   Working by day and working it at night.  I am the Chicago Socialite.   Looking forward to seeing all of you. 


Film & Print

Facebook Live - All the time.

Wendy Sitti Calendar - 2017, 2018, 2019

Events & Appearances

Mykonos, Greece - Elysium Hotel Sunset Cabaret, 2015 - Present (first two weeks in Sept.)

About Face Theatre - Wonka Ball - 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Pride Arts Center - It's Raining Men, 2019

Stitch - Creative Design Fashion Show Judge, 2019

World of Chocolate - Food Judge, 2019

Other Works

Guest Appearances


Cooking Shows

Domesticated DYI Shows

MC / Hosting

Judge - Fashion, Talent, Food, etc.

Live Performances

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